About Us

Halo Mastering was created to give your music a fighting chance in a very competitive music market.
Though mastering cannot work miracles on a poorly mixed song , if your song has been recorded and mixed well, mastering will make a huge difference.
At Halo Mastering, we strive to deliver radio ready music masters that compete with the standards of today’s commercial music.

These days it doesn’t matter if you are a big or small artist. With music being distributed among so many digital platforms its easier than ever to get your music heard and all the music is out there competing for everyones ears. We believe you don’t need to break the bank for a great mastered song , those days are long gone. With the technology available today we are able to master music at a much more lower price while still producing the same quality sound you would expect. Our services start at just $12.99 per song and we have many other cost saving packages.

Unlike many other “Instant” mastering websites using “a mastering engine software” we actually sit down and listen to your track or album and personally work on it until it sounds amazing. Those other free or inexpensive online mastering engines will never beat a skilled engineer with really good ears.

Our Process is very straight forward.

First we listen to your mix for any annoying or harsh frequncies that may be present in the song, then we carefully eliminate them.
Second we listen to make sure your song has the right balance of highs and lows and make the proper adjustments if needed.
Lastly we use our state of the art digital compressors and limiters on your song to increase volume, bring out the punch and glue it all together.

At Halo Mastering your sound is priority #1