How do I upload my songs & what format should my files be in?

After checkout you will be sent to a page where you can send us  your songs using our We Transfer account, We recommend putting all your songs or complete album in a folder with your project name. You will be able to upload up to a 20gig file.

The following WAV file formats can be uploaded for us to master.

16/24/32-bit / 44.1k/ 48k/ 96k/ 192k
Mastered for ITunes Songs must be a minimum of 24-bit/44.1k

How loud should my unmastered mixes be?

It is best to keep your mixes peaking below -6db for optimal mastering.

You also should not use any limiters or compressors on your master output.

How long does it take to receive my masters?

It will usually take between 24-48 hrs to recieve your masters.

When your files are ready you will receive an email from our We Transfer account allowing you to download your new Masters.

What is MFiT Mastered for iTUNES?

Mastered for iTunes” is more than marketing hype. “Mastered for iTunes” means just that; mastered expressly for distribution on iTunes. This is important because when iTunes first arrived on the scene, the accepted practice was to take the same master created for CD and use that for iTunes. That approach is fine in many cases, but, many masters created between 2000 and 2010 are considered excessively “hot” (i.e. high gain). It has been proven that excessively hot masters create a lot of problems for lossy encoders such as Mp3, or the iTunes AAC format.

By purchasing a “Mastered for iTunes” release, you are buying a product that has been mastered and quality-tested for publication in iTunes. If you could compare a regular iTunes (from CD master) release and an MFiT release, listening on a high fidelity, full range sound system, you would notice improved clarity of transients and dynamics of the music with this new iTunes mastering format. The intent with MFiT, is if you had access to a 24-bit uncompressed master and compared it to the MFiT version, they should sound virtually identical to the majority of listeners.

Can I upload regular 16bit 44.1k Wav files to iTunes and other streaming services?

Yes you can , there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact 16bit 44.1k has always been the standard for commercial music.

How does HALO MASTERING compare to all those other instant online mastering sites like LANDR, eMastered, and other algorithm-based mastering solutions?

We use an actual engineer who listens carefully to master your song. A software algorithm cannot beat the ears of a skilled engineer.
There is no INSTANT Mastering here.